PrEsEnT & GrEeTiNgS

Okay, okay, okay!  One of my most awaited day, Sheena’s birthday! And I’ve been looking forward to it. On this day- 9th of March, I alarmed myself early morning at 5:30, to pick her up for our daily breeze-jog, and it was a cold and windy atmosphere at that time, It's pretty sensational. Then we … Continue reading PrEsEnT & GrEeTiNgS


ThE sPeCtAcLe Of LiFe

  This one is based on my experience during my solitary time while writing poems and waiting for someone. And I came to the point when she rang me up, that she is on her way to our meeting place, and things came out from the cloud. And I made this imaginary portrait of our … Continue reading ThE sPeCtAcLe Of LiFe

a LeTTer To sHeeNa

  I was inspired to write this track as a result of my unfinished letter to the girl, funny speaking, I am still working on it. For as I remember one moment, she brought up to me about the letter and I made a promise to make it up sooner or later. Briefly, I ended … Continue reading a LeTTer To sHeeNa

aLoNg The SkYliNe

  One beautiful morning, I was in the car heading to an appointment with my colleague, and I am sort of thinking about nowhere and wondering around the vicinity of the city of sheikh. And I then starting humming some notes, and words which coming out of my head just very short as I seeing … Continue reading aLoNg The SkYliNe


PREPARATION, AT LEAST. “If you have a short time-allowance, at least you prepare a little ahead.” – J.B. Comilang Every day is a process of preparation. For what reason? To be ready, to get ready! By means of our daily necessities in life. Without it, all things will mess up. Although we sometimes just go … Continue reading pRePaRaTiOn-At-LeAsT